Gravity Forms 1.8.18

Gravity Forms was updated to version 1.8.18, from version 1.8.17. Changelog:

  • Added filters on entry detail to support editing payment related data in the payment info box.
  • Added the parameter name as a third parameter to the “gform_field_value” filter.
  • Added “gform_entry_detail_grid_display_empty_fields” filter to allow displaying empty fields even if option is not checked (i.e. print view).
  • Added filter to get_form_meta() to allow forms to be filtered globally.
  • Updated localization of certain strings.
  • Updated POT localization file.
  • Updated the order of marking an entry as spam so that it is done before the gform_entry_created and gform_entry_post_save hooks.
  • Fixed issue with PayPal fulfillment not going through when entry was marked as Paid in the entry detail page.
  • Fixed issue with trial period amount (fixed amount entered on subscription feed) for currencies other than Dollar.
  • Fixed issue with Chrome on Android for drop downs with conditional logic.
  • Fixed an issue with the field filters on the entry list, export entries and results pages where product fields couldn’t be filtered.
  • Fixed issue with complex fields not being properly loaded into array.
  • Fixed issue where List fields in notifications sometimes displayed incorrectly due to max line size being exceeded.
  • Fixed issue with quantity fields not defaulting to correct value after being hidden by conditional logic.
  • Fixed an issue with the single file upload field where validation fails if the max file size is set higher than 2047MB.
  • Added check to framework to prevent sending spam entries to non-payment feeds. This will take effect in feeds as they are migrated to the Add-On Framework.
  • Fixed issue with feeds not getting executed when configured for delayed payment and the payment amount ends up being $0.00.
  • Fixed issue with feed addons not preserving current feed when a new feed was getting created.