Google Analytics by Yoast 5.1.1

Google Analytics by Yoast was updated to version 5.1.1, from version 5.0.7. Changelog:


  • Fixes a conflict with Fancybox.
  • Fixes a bug where links without the href attribute would cause the tracking code to be added wrongly.
  • Fixes a multisite bug in Premium which was caused by the absence of a network admin menu.
  • Fixes an issue with the version number.
  • Fixes a bug where translations might be loaded several times.
  • Shows more relevant banners.
  • Adds an image to the premium extension on the extensions page.
  • Always show the custom dimension tab.
  • Added translations for Finnish, Dutch and Russian.


  • Fixes a possible JavaScript conflict within the tracking code.
  • Makes sure translations are loaded correctly.
  • Improved UX for help texts in form.
  • Added “Google Analytics by Yoast Premium” to the extensions page.
  • Makes sure the user returns to the original settings tab after saving.
  • Added a filter wp_nav_menu to enable tracking outbound links from the menu.
  • Added a filter wp_list_bookmarks to enable tracking for blogroll widgets.