BackupBuddy was updated to version, from version Changelogs:

  • Amazon S3, Stash: If CURLOPT_CLOSEPOLICY is not a long data type then this curl option is no longer set to avoid throwing warning.

  • Amazon S3: Added new region endpoint – EU (Frankfurt).

  • Dropbox Destination Fix: SSL version now forced to v1 (TLS) as per new Dropbox API requirements.
  • ImportBuddy: Added additional logging about current step for better troubleshooting.
  • Updated database replace to also handle replacements of nested array/object/string combinations.
  • Fileystem class mkdir() now defaulting to 0755 permissions.
  • Server Tools Page permissions section now uses WP directory constant for listing plugin & theme directory permissions.
  • ImportBuddy: Step 6 typos fixed in tips section.
  • Temporary rollback/deploy database name now uses only first 4 characers of serial for prefixing.
  • ImportBuddy: Fixed .htaccess.bb_temp rename attempt even if that file does not exist.

  • Enhancement: Reduced caching to allow updates to appear more quickly.
  • Enhancement: Authenticating users now uses the new authentication system.

  • Multisite Import: Fixed database migration of URL not running.
  • Multisite: Fixed error message when upload directory is in alternative location.
  • Multisite: Fixed some URLs not being updated when using subdomains.
  • Updated missing DAT file error to indicate that the zip file may not have fully uploaded or may be corrupt.
  • Misc UI adjustments, error message improvements.

  • Fixed ‘Creating default object from empty value’ warning for Multisite Network -> Network imports.
  • Misc ImportBuddy wording tweaks.
  • Misc remote destination UI cleanup.

  • Fixed short opening PHP tag which could cause error when short_open_tag not configured as enabled.

  • Fixed integrity scan on backups received from a remote destination where local fileoptions file is missing.
  • Fixed delayed load time (with the potential for timeouts) when loading the backup page.
  • Removed inadvertant display of remote API information from destinations page.

  • Manual mass database replacement no longer limited to default 30 second chunk time.
  • Fixed Stash copy file to local not copying file.
  • Fixed editing schedule changing next run time/date to first run time/date. These values are the same on new schedules but differ on old ones.