WooCommerce 2.2.5

WooCommerce was updated to version 2.2.5, from version 2.2.4. Changelog:

  • Fix – Filters in admin screen for coupons and orders.
  • Fix – When bulk editing, don’t allow sale price to be negative.
  • Fix – When manually adding items to an order, show tax columns.
  • Fix – When manually adding items to an order, include variation data.
  • Fix – Prevent errors when constructing WC_Order without an ID.
  • Fix – Item_id notices in email templates.
  • Fix – Use variation get_stock_quantity() for variation max_qty.
  • Fix – Prevent bulk edit cancel from clearing options when bulk editing variations.
  • Fix – Use term_taxonomy_id for transient names – fixes counts in layered nav.
  • Fix – Use wc_get_order in simplify-commerce.
  • Fix – Use ‘no’ instead of boolean to disable PayPal gateway.
  • Fix – Do not escape redirect url in form handler – fixes malformed URLs.
  • Fix – Prevented non-existant pages from breaking cache helper.
  • Fix – Prevent sale prices showing errors in admin wrongly.
  • Fix – Prevent order statuses affecting other queries.
  • Fix – Removed deprecated get_page() functions.
  • Fix – Category archives. WP core still has issues dealing with pad_counts + parent when getting categories. Workaround by not hiding empty cats, then filtering the returned list using wp_list_filter.
  • Fix – When formatting meta data for display, suffix items to prevent issues when there are multiple values for the same meta key.
  • Fix – Unhook save_meta_boxes after first successful run to prevent race conditions.
  • Tweak – Added refunds to Sales by Date report.
  • Tweak – Tweak load_plugin_textdomain to be relative – this falls back to WP_LANG_DIR automatically. Can prevent “open_basedir restriction in effect”.
  • Tweak – Added acceptance marks to PayPal Standard where applicable to replace generic PayPal icon.