BackupBuddy was updated to version, from version Changelog:

  • Fixed send_remote_destination() throwing $identifier warning in some locations due to lack of default value.

  • Updated Dropbox2 destination SDK library to version 1.1.3.
  • Dropbox2: Fixed remote file listing not properly sorting by date (newest to oldest descending).
  • ImportBuddy: SQL file size now reported prior to importing each .sql file in log.
  • ImportBuddy: Fixed potential PHP warning caused by performing addition on possible bool false value if replacements in database failed bruteforce.
  • ImportBuddy: Fixed mass database replacement log not showing in page.
  • Fixed illegal string offset warning in dropbox (legacy) destination when directory is empty.

  • Fixed Mass DB replacement not showing full details in log.

  • IMPORTANT: This upgrade is especially recommended for sites with large database tables which are relying on chunking while in PHP-based database dump mode.
  • BUG: Fixed issue where a chunked database dump in PHP mode for a large database table could miss backing up some data from that table and the suqsequent table.
  • Importbuddy periodic cleanup now looks for files of format importbuddy*.php to also catch importbuddy deployment files.
  • Database dump process during chunking updated to be more clear about number of rows dumped per table and its final total.

  • Multisite Import: Fixed multisite import not updating site URLS. Since v5.
  • Added additional logging during step 6 of Multisite import.
  • Added exit code lookup for 126: ‘Command invoked cannot execute. Check command has valid permissions and execute capability.’
  • Ignore command line length check changed to skip this check.
  • ImportBuddy: index.htm/.html file scrubbing now also scrubs index.html.
  • ImportBuddy: Added additional logging for db SQL import to track process. Also additional troubleshooting details logged if hanging between SQL files.
  • Updated German translations.
  • Added new advanced option skip_spawn_cron_call to skip attempt at chaining cron during backups.
  • Fixed Dropbox2 bug where chunked transfers of > 2 parts would fail to complete.

  • Fixed undefined index in ImportBuddy when restoring a v1.x backup file on Step 1.
  • ImportBuddy now checks for db.sql file for restoring for BackupBuddy v1.x backward compatibility.
  • Warning only for bruteforce now returns true as to now trigger a secondary error about bruteforce failure.
  • Fixed typo in mysql compatibility setting.
  • Added additional logging for failed cron chunk scheduling for Dropbox2.
  • ImportBuddy: Fixed customer Home URL option in ImportBuddy using siteurl for homeurl.
  • ImportBuddy: Updated existing wp tables error to note the advanced option to ignore SQL errors & existing tables as an option to proceed. Useful when only restoring a subset of wp tables from the advanced options.