WooCommerce 2.2.2

WooCommerce was updated to version 2.2.2, from version 2.1.12. Changelog:


  • Fix – Saving of variation stock when parent stock management is disabled.
  • Fix – “open_basedir restriction in effect” error caused on install when trying to create the WC logging directory.
  • Fix – For regular products, ensure stock level saves on product creation.


  • Fix – Small tweak to the installer to prevent errors caused by outdated plugins.
  • Fix – Mijireh Checkout update link.
  • Tweak – Small tweak to update notification to remind users to update old plugins prior to install.


  • Feature – Refunds system for orders.
  • Feature – New orders panel for managing line items + totals.
  • Feature – Language pack downloader. po and mo files removed from core (too heavy).
  • Feature – Added used payment gateway to view orders screens.
  • Feature – Allow backorders to be configured at variation level.
  • Feature – Protect admins from shop manager users.
  • Feature – Ability to add custom quantity using add_to_cart shortcode.
  • Feature – Ability to set a maximum spend for coupons.
  • Feature – Added Simplify Commerce payment gateway.
  • Fix – Allow endpoint use on the front page.
  • Fix – user_activation_key password reset code.
  • Tweak – Recalculate the cart totals, in the event a user registers during checkout and in doing so qualifies for any discounts.
  • Tweak – Use woocommerce_valid_order_statuses_for_payment in pay_action too.
  • Tweak – Added the possibility to translate the edit-address endpoint slug.
  • Tweak – Removed all the_content filter in favor to wpautop() and do_shortcode().
  • Tweak – Send IPN email notifications to new order email.
  • Tweak – Clear and wipe session data on logout and end of checkout for guests.
  • Tweak – Load archive-product.php for other product taxonomies.
  • Tweak – Disable image size settings if filters are being used.
  • Tweak – Hide the shipping address when local pickup is used.
  • Tweak – Password protected posts are not hidden from catalog by default anymore, visibility can be set via the ‘Catalog visibility’ option.
  • Dev – API Version 2 with push support.
  • Dev – API: Lookup customers by email endpoint.
  • Dev – API: Allow ordering on the resource level.
  • Dev – Customers API / Methods PUT/POST/DELETE.
  • Dev – Coupons API / Methods PUT/POST/DELETE.
  • Dev – Orders API / Methods PUT/POST/DELETE.
  • Dev – Products API / Methods PUT/POST/DELETE.
  • Dev – Added description parameter to the woocommerce_form_field function.
  • Dev – Introduce woocommerce_valid_order_statuses_for_payment_complete filter.
  • Dev – Introduce woocommerce_thankyou_order_received_text filter.
  • Dev – Introduce woocommerce_product_backorders_allowed filter.
  • Dev – get_user and get_user_id methods.
  • Dev – Add new ‘wc_admin_reports_path’ filter to reports.
  • Dev – Add user ID to shipping packages.
  • Dev – Added product id parameter to related posts filters.
  • Dev – WC_LOG_DIR constant for defining the log directory.
  • Dev – Moved default logging directory 1 level above WordPress, rather than in the plugin folder.
  • Dev – Added log viewer in System Status.
  • Dev – Made stateless classes static to allow unhooking of methods.
  • Dev – Introduces the wc_get_log_file_path() function.
  • Dev – Introduces the WC_Order::needs_shipping_address() method.
  • Dev – Gateways can set transaction ID for the order.
  • Dev – Gateways can do refunds via the Payment Gateway API.
  • Refactor – Changed the method in which order statuses are stored.
  • Refactor – Update stock amounts with DB queries.
  • Refactor – Simplified attribute name sanitisation which maintains UTF8 char integrity.
  • Refactor – Country class return methods.
  • Notice – Deprecated Mijireh gateway in core. Plugin is available on .org.
  • Localisation – Egypptian currency.
  • Localisation – Address format of Taiwan.
  • Localisation – Removed language files from core to made the package lighter (see language pack downloader feature).