Gravity Forms Authorize.Net Add-On 1.6

Gravity Forms Authorize.Net Add-On was updated to version 1.6, from version 1.5. Changelog:

  • Added custom validation for the credit card field on cardholder’s name.
  • Added support for Pound Sterling and Euro.
  • Added hook to allow authorization amount to be changed.
  • Added ability to cancel product payment capture. This will allow customers that want only the CC authorization process to take place and not the actual payment capture.
  • Added form title as subscription’s order description to be consistent with initial authorize only transaction.
  • Updated cron to hourly and removed process_renewals() function from init.
  • Updated credit card number so that spaces are removed prior to sending it to
  • Fixed issue where product names with tab, newlines, and/or return characters would break transaction in
  • Fixed issue where field labels with newlines may break the edit feed UI.
  • Fixed PHP warnings for some unsaved feed settings.
  • Fixed issue where setup fee could not have decimal values (i.e. 49.99).
  • Fixed issue with Manage WP integration.