Gravity Forms 1.8.17

Gravity Forms was updated to version 1.8.17, from version 1.8.16. Changelog:

  • Added form specific version of ‘gform_entry_is_spam’ filter.
  • Added “gform_entry_is_spam” filter.
  • Added ‘gform_disable_view_counter’ filter to disable counting of form views. Both globally and by form id. Views column remains displayed on the Forms page.
  • Updated entry list and detail pages to display spam features if gform_entry_is_spam hook is used when Akismet integration is disabled.
  • Updated is_duplicate check to work for “long” values as well.
  • Fixed a notice on the WordPress updates page.
  • Fixed issue with Add-On manager displaying error when installing Add-Ons.
  • Fixed notice when $form[‘pagination’][‘display_progressbar_on_confirmation’] was not set.
  • Fixed issue with entry list page payment status drop down containing “Approved” instead of “Paid”.
  • Fixed issue where setting an input-based field value to empty would fail to save.
  • Added get_feeds_by_slug function.
  • Added is_delayed function to check whether a feed is delayed processing with PayPal Standard.
  • Updated maybe_process_feed function to handle processing when add-on is set as delayed in PayPal Standard feed setup.
  • Updated logging statements to be clearer.
  • Removed unused function get_feed_by_entry.