Google Analytics by Yoast 5.0.6

Google Analytics by Yoast was updated to version 5.0.6, from version 5.0.5. Changelog:

  • Fixed several notices.
  • Improved support for premium extensions to this plugin.
  • Fixed bug where on multi-site or subdirectory installs, settings wouldn’t save.
  • Fix the tracking of downloads in ga.js tracking.
  • Fixed a bug where custom code would be output after the send pageview instead of before.
  • Fixed an empty delimiter warning.
  • Improved admin icon.
  • Added a filter wpga_menu_on_top which, when returned false, moves the analytics menu down.
  • Added filters yoast-ga-push-array-ga-js and yoast-ga-push-array-universal to filter the push arrays.