Google Analytics for WordPress 5.0.5

Google Analytics for WordPress was updated to version 5.0.5, from version 4.3.5. Changelogs:


  • Bugfixes:Fixes error in link parsing that would cause all sorts of display errors.


  • Bugfixes:Fix small error in GA setup error link.
  • Fix bug that would remove attributes from links.
  • Added Try/Catch around connect to Google Analytics to prevent uncaught exceptions.
  • Move require of function file to prevent error with already defined functions.
  • Fix bug that sometimes prevented saving user roles to be ignored.
  • Fix several notices.
  • Enhancements:Add links to Settings page and Knowledge Base on plugins page.
  • No longer store result from Google API in the main option, saves memory on frontend.


  • Skipped due to error during release.


  • Bugfixes:Fixed bug with outbound link tracking not properly escaping attributes.
  • Fixed bug that broke tracking with ga.js.


  • Bugfixes:Fixed string where array expected warning.


  • Complete rewrite of the Google Analytics plugin.
  • Enhancements:Universal tracking added
  • Better link tracking
  • New Universal demographics feature
  • New menu items in the WordPress admin menu