WordPress SEO 1.5.5

WordPress SEO was updated to version 1.5.5, from version Changelog:

  • WP Shortlinks weren’t always removed when user did choose to remove them.
  • Fixed the way we prevent Jetpack from outputting OpenGraph tags.
  • Symlinking the plugin should now work.
  • Fix warnings on new site creation multisite.
  • Fixed redirect loop which occurred on multi-word search or when search query contained special characters and the ‘redirect ugly URL’s’ option was on.
  • Fixed double separators in snippet preview.
  • Fixed slashes in title in snippet preview.
  • Fixed re-introduced js compatibility issue with Soliloquy slider.
  • Fixed a bug where we could do a query in XML Sitemaps even when there were no posts to query for.
  • If the sitemap is empty, add the homepage URL to make sure it doesn’t throw errors in GWT.
  • Change how we set 404’s for non existing sitemap files.
  • Fix issues with conflicting expectations being plugins/theme of the user meta twitter field – url vs twitter id.
  • Fix how the first paragraph test for the keyword is done.
  • Fix how we’re handling protocol relative image URLs in the XML sitemap.
  • Fix page analysis slug test for keywords with special characters.
  • Properly set “No score” result for posts that have no focus keyword.
  • Drastically improved performance of snippet preview rendering.
  • Added Facebook / OpenGraph title input and Google+ title input and image upload field to Social tab.
  • Added Facebook / OpenGraph title input for the homepage on SEO -> Social settings page.
  • Changed Facebook / OpenGraph default image and homepage image input fields to use the media uploader.
  • Added a new title separator feature on the Titles admin page.
  • Merged the bulk editor pages for titles and descriptions into one menu item “bulk editor”.
  • Added noimageindex option to advanced meta robots options.
  • Bulk editor rights are no longer added for contributors, only for editors and up.
  • If an archives meta description template has %%page variables, show it on page 2 and onwards of archives too.
  • Add a confirm dialog when resetting setting to default.
  • Add sorting by publication date in bulk editor.
  • Remove references to deprecated Video Manual plugin.