BackupBuddy was updated to version, from version Changelog:

  • Multisite Import: Fixed inability to import BackupBuddy 5.x sites into Network that consisted of multiple SQL files.

  • Fixed wp-cli error about profile being non-numeric.

  • Malware scan page: Updated links for iThemes Security Pro & Sucuri.
  • Stash destination: Subscriber key now displayed to the right just under file listing. Used by support when troubleshooting potential issues.
  • Significant improvement of javascript performance when logging to status log during backup. Appending to the status log now queued to once per second to prevent hammering DOM which freezes browsers on sites with massive databases.
  • Fixed .htaccess issue where restored site’s .htaccess could result in broken URLs / CSS.

  • ImportBuddy: Extended json_decode issue fix to all pages.
  • ImportBuddy: Updated bruteforce lack of primary key to indicate it may only be a non-fatal warning.

  • ImportBuddy: On json decode error, if function json_last_error() is available then error code is also logged.
  • ImportBuddy: Added additional encoding to state data passing from browser to PHP to help protect UTF8 data in transfer. Prevents json_decode() failure based on malformed UTF8 despite jslinter saying it’s valid. PHP extra sensitive?

  • Restore now attempts to copy instead of move file during restore to prevent cross-link issues.

  • Fixed out of date ImportBuddy warning.

  • Fixed SQL size aggregate in log increasing by the amount of each report of the current SQL file size.
  • Fixed alert box displaying a URL popping up when selecting to create a new destination.

  • ImportBuddy now warns if trying to use an old version of importbuddy.php to restore a newer backup archive. Eg attempting to restore a 5.0 backup with a 4.0 importbuddy.php.
  • ImportBuddy: Fixed unchecking both Files & Database restore from unzipping some files anyway to temp location.
  • ImportBuddy: Fixed wp-content/uploads/backupbuddy_temp/restore_XXXXXX/ directory being crated. Moved to proper temp directory beneath importbuddy folder.

  • Fix: If post-remote-send deletion is enabled but transfer fails the local file will no longer be deleted.
  • ImportBuddy: Fixed 9010 error when restoring to a new WordPress prefix using PHP-based method caused by invisible character preceeding query line hampering regex matching.

  • Fixed standalone preloader for wp_upload_dir() to return basedir key value pair instead of just the single string value.
  • ImportBuddy: Error display box no longer scrolls. Expands to unlimited height so errors are not hidden behind overflow.
  • ImportBuddy: 9010 errors are now capped at 10 displayed on screen. After that a single error is thrown indicating that all 9010 errors are logged to ABSPATH . ‘importbuddy/mysql_9010_log-‘ . pb_backupbuddy::$options[‘log_serial’] . ‘.txt’.
  • mysqlbuddy: Importing of SQL resulting in 9010 errors now writes to log file for troubleshooting, including logged in header previous and new prefix values.

  • Improved Javascript performance on backup page resulting in hanging page on Multisite networks with very large numbers of tables.

  • ImportBuddy: Fixed missing ability to restore from Stash or upload an archive from Step 1 if there was not already a backup in the directory.

  • Fixed ‘Send’ link on Restore / Migrate page going to Migration feature rather than allowing sending backups to remote destinations.
  • Fixed having to select to add a destination twice when creating a new destination from the Restore / Migrate page.
  • Sending to a remote destination via the Backup page displays sending confirmation in-page instead of alert box.
  • Added new advanced option “Reschedule missing crons in manual backups” which has BackupBuddy attempt to reschedule missing cron jobs during manually made backups to prevent the backup from stalling. Via backup_status.php.