Blubrry PowerPress 5.0.9

Blubrry PowerPress was updated to version 5.0.9, from version 5.0.8. Changelog:

  • Fixed wo logic errors in the powerpress-player.php.
  • Added support for the PowerPress in your Language add-on plugin.
  • Removed support for the PowerPress in your Language, plugin was rejected by We are doing our best to come up with another solution.
  • Screenshot files have been moved to the assets folder, they will no longer be packaged with the plugin’s zip file.
  • Fixed PHP warning in powerpressadmin.php on line.
  • Added notice for FeedBurner setting “We recommend that you disabled SmartCast when using PowerPress with FeedBurner”, otherwise FeedBuner will duplicate iTunes descriptions for episodes.
  • Added No-Fault Hosting support for all Blubrry Podcast Hosting customers.