WordPress SEO

WordPress SEO was updated to version, from version Changelog:

  • We’ve added some options and some host specific info to our tracking class. Most notably, we’re tracking the PHP version for our users now, so we can see whether we, at some point, might drop PHP 5.2 support before WordPress does.
  • Auto-deactivate plugin in the rare case that the SPL (Standard PHP Library) extension is not available.
  • Switch from inline xmlns to inline use of the prefix attribute for breadcrumbs as that makes validation work.
  • Check whether snippet preview is shown on page before hiding / showing errors.
  • Fixed incorrect sitemap last modified date.
  • Specify post ID when using wp_enqueue_media() to set up correctly for the post being edited.
  • Fixed unreachable filter wpseo_sitemap_[post_type]_content, also fixes unreachable filter wpseo_sitemap_author_content.
  • Fixed PHP notice.
  • Backed out pagination overflow redirect as it’s causing too many issues.
  • Make sure extensions menu is fully i18n compatible.