Gravity Forms 1.8.9

Gravity Forms was updated to version 1.8.9, from version 1.8.8. Changelog:

  • Added ‘gform_field_container’ filter to allow modifying the field container markup.
  • Updated entry detail screen so that the payment details heading is defaulted to “Payment Details”.
  • Updated Akismet integration to use Akismet::http_post instead of the deprecated function akismet_http_post when the Akismet version is 3.0 and greater.
  • Updated Spanish translation to properly escape a string causing issues when resending notifications.
  • Added ‘gform_encrypt_password’ hook to allow basic encryption of password field values when saved to database.
  • Fixed issue with Payment Add-On where payment information wasn’t available to hooks via the $entry object.
  • Fixed issue causing payment details to show up twice for older payment addons.
  • Fixed issue with conditional logic when greater than and less were used on checkboxes.
  • Fixed error being incorrectly returned for GFAPI::update_form() method.
  • Fixed notices thrown when the is_valid_key element does not exist in the version information array.
  • Fixed issue with currency validation on certain currencies.
  • Fixed issue with conditional logic reset logic triggering change event even when value did not change.
  • Fixed issue with conditional logic javascript when working with empty child elements.
  • Fixed issue with quantity of Quantity fields allowing negative values to be entered.
  • Added support for additional payment options to the Payment Add-On.
  • Added extra parameter to has_feed() call to support checking if there is a feed that meets conditional logic.
  • Updated gform_entry_post_save hook so it is called as a filter, not an action.
  • Fixed issue with the results page where values of fields with multiple inputs (e.g. Name and Address) would not be displayed correctly.
  • Fixed issue causing feed condition to display warnings in certain conditions.