Jetpack by 3.0

Jetpack by was updated to version 3.0, from version 2.9.3. Changelog:

  • New User Interface for managing modules and settings
  • New Module: Verfication Tools
  • Enhancement: New look for the Sharing module
  • Enhancement: Multiple improvements on which Twitter handle a Twitter card will display
  • Enhancement: Add option to hide Google+ Authorship banner while still receiving the benefits
  • Enhancement: Many Infinite Scroll enhancements to improve performance
  • Enhancement: Infinite Scroll will use your CPT’s display name instead of “Older Posts”
  • Enhancement: JSON API added /media/new endpoint
  • Enhancement: Added filter to assign new default image for Open Graph tags
  • Enhancement: New shortcode to add Related Posts to page instead of default placement
  • Enhancement: Added SSO option to turn off login form completely, to use login exclusively
  • Enhancement: The [googlemaps] shortcode allows for Google Maps Engine
  • Enhancement: YouTube shortcode allows HD playback
  • Enhancement: Smoother, Faster Tiled Galleries!
  • Enhancement: New languages! Use Jetpack in Irish, Fulah, and Tigrinya
  • Bugfix: Use your browser’s Back and Forward buttons when naviagating a Carousel
  • Bugfix: Various Related Posts fixes and improvements for added flexibility
  • Bugfix: WordPress 3.9: Restores ability to edit Contact Forms
  • Bugfix: WordPress 3.9: Restores Gallery Widget compatability
  • Bugfix: Ensure Markdown is kept when Bulk Editing posts
  • Bugfix: Improved Jetpack’s Multisite Network Admin page for networks with a large number of sites
  • Bugfix: Ensure Sharing settings persist when Bulk Editing a post
  • Bugfix: Various other shortcode improvements