Gravity Forms 1.8.8

Gravity Forms was updated to version 1.8.8, from version 1.8.7. Changelog:

  • Added support for Proxy to resolve issues with sites on blacklisted IPs not being able to access the Gravity Help API.
  • Added ability to place the payment details in a separate box on the entry detail page.
  • Added Bulgarian translation file.
  • Added ‘gform_display_product_summary’ hook to allow suppressing pricing summary on {all_fields} merge tag and displaying pricing fields inline with other form fields.
  • Added ‘gform_export_options’ hook to allow adding custom export options.
  • Added ‘gform_form_update_meta’ hook to allow modifying form meta before it is saved to the database.
  • Added gform_entry_pre_update filter to allow entry to be changed prior to being saved.
  • Added gform_post_update_entry hook to allow actions to be taken when entry is updated.
  • Added gform_post_payment_transaction hook to allow actions to be taken after a payment transaction is created.
  • Added gform_action_pre_payment_callback filter to allow callback action and parameters to be changed before a payment callback is executed.
  • Added gform_post_payment_callback hook to allow actions to be taken after a payment callback is processed.
  • Added gform_post_payment_completed hook to allow actions to be taken when a payment is completed.
  • Added gform_post_payment_refunded hook to allow actions to be taken after a payment refund is processed.
  • Added gform_post_subscription_started hook to allow actions to be taken after a subscription has been created.
  • Updated the multi-file upload field to support Plupload 2.x in WordPress 3.9.
  • Updated the Locking API to use a Heartbeat interval of 30 seconds as standard and 5 seconds while waiting for the response to a control request. The lock timeout is now 150 seconds – equivalent to Posts and Pages.
  • Updated links to sign up page for reCAPTCHA.
  • Fixed issue with feed addon not refreshing list page when a feed is deleted.
  • Fixed issue introduced in with the multi-file upload field not properly displaying an error message in case of a failed upload.
  • Fixed issue with multi-file upload field not allowing files with special accent characters from being uploaded.
  • Fixed issue where legacy notification data was not cleaned up when editing existing notifications.
  • Fixed issue with quantity of single product fields allowing negative values to be entered.
  • Fixed issue with number field validation.
  • Fixed issue with Addon Browser not recognizing valid licenses.
  • Fixed notice in GFFormDisplay::get_chosen_init_script() where $input_type was not defined.
  • Fixed issue where selecting option from bulk choice menu scrolled page to top.
  • Fixed issue with chosen script throwing javascript errors on certain situations.
  • Fixed issue with multi-file upload field throwing javascript errors when the number of files uploaded reached the max files setting.
  • Added more logging statements to the Payment Add-On.
  • Added the function is_callback_valid which can be overwritten for use by Payment plugins for the Payment Add-On.
  • Added entry and action objects to be passed as parameters for custom events for the Payment Add-On.
  • Updated logging to go to the plugins log instead of Gravity Forms’ log for the Payment Add-on.
  • Updated to remove caching the feed in the Payment Add-On.