iThemes Security 4.0.8

iThemes Security was updated to version 4.0.8, from version 4.0.5. Changelog:


  • Removed error message that could happen on user creation with strong passwords enabled
  • Moved strong password js later in execution cycle to prevent errors
  • More hide backend tweaks to cover remaining white screen issues
  • Removed option to enqueue a new version of jQuery unless it is needed


  • Removed extra quotes that could appear in user agents
  • Removed error message on login page when jQuery replace in use
  • Don’t use WordPress rewrites for hide backend, we now create our own rewrite rule
  • All modules now use newer upgrade method
  • Fix modal dismiss button on settings page
  • Ban users rules now should work with proxies
  • Saving settings will always generate and write rewrite rules if file writing is allowed
  • Hide backend now works with multisite and subdirectory installs
  • Make sure tables exist if manually updating from 3.x
  • Move admin user settings to advanced page
  • Make sure logout happens after processing admin user changes
  • All modules now rewritten to call rules on build
  • Rename backup and logs folders when wp-content is renamed
  • Delay file scan by at least 2 minutes when saving settings
  • Added “theme compatibility” mode to remove errors in hide backend caused by themes conflicting with the feature
  • Fixed history.txt (for iThemes customers)
  • Moved upgrade to separate function for more seamless update
  • Upgrade system rewritten for better functionality
  • Make sure 404 doesn’t fail if there is not a 404.php in the theme
  • Make sure WordPress root URLs render correctly
  • Filewrite now only builds rules on demand
  • Fixed dismiss button on intro modal for small screens
  • General cleanup and typo fixing
  • New .pot file with updated iThemes .pot file generator