Gravity Forms 1.8.7

Gravity Forms was updated to version 1.8.7, from version 1.8.6. Changelog:

  • Added Text Domain and Domain Path to plugin header so the description may be translated.
  • Updated product calculation to improve performance.
  • Updated width of form title column so form actions do not wrap.
  • Updated two notice statements to alleviate confusion.
  • Updated German translation file with user-provided update.
  • Updated a few strings so they can be translated.
  • Updated POT file.
  • Updated GFFormsModel::save_lead() method to support saving leads on non-admin views.
  • Updated GFFormDisplay::has_conditional_logic from private to public.
  • Fixed an issue with the validation of the number field when set to currency format and the Gravity Forms currency setting is set to a decimal comma formatted currency.
  • Fixed incorrect domain for translations in a few instances.
  • Fixed issue with nested conditional logic on checkboxes.
  • Fixed issue where conditional logic setting was showing up for Hidden products.
  • Fixed issue where GF Results was being initialized on all admin pages.
  • Fixed issue with the {pricing_fields} merge tag markup.
  • Updated the Web API authentication to accept both url-encoded and unencoded signatures to handle different client behavior.
  • Updated some mysql_*() calls to support WordPress 3.9 under PHP 5.5 or higher.
  • Added support for top level “app” menus.
  • Added support for top level “app settings”.
  • Added support for app tab UIs.
  • Fixed an issue with the form settings menu where the menu item for the add-on was appearing in the menu even when the current user did not have adequate permissions.
  • Fixed filter for app settings menu.