iThemes Security 4.0.5

iThemes Security was updated to version 4.0.5, from version 4.0.2. Changelog:

  • Fixed away mode not allowing PM times.
  • Fixed general copy typos.
  • Non super admins will no longer see the “Security” menu item in the admin bar on multisite.
  • Update to iThemes’ icon-fonts library to account for ABSPATH set to ” or ‘/’.
  • Fixed relative paths on Windows servers.
  • Removed the pingback URL from the header if XML-RPC disabled.
  • Added file locking to admin user operations to [hopefully] avoid duplicated users.
  • 404 white list should transfer to global white list.
  • White list implementation working across all lockouts.
  • Add extra dismiss box to close welcome modal (fix for smaller screens).