Gravity Forms Quiz Add-On 2.0

Gravity Forms Quiz Add-On was updated to version 2.0, from version 1.1. Changelog:

  • Added Add-On Framework integration.
  • Added support for the Gravity Forms AWeber Add-On. Entry meta (score info) can be mapped to AWeber fields and choice values will be converted to choice labels before sending to AWeber.
  • Added support for the Campaign Monitor Add-On.
  • Added support for the Zapier Add-On.
  • Added gform_quiz_show_choice_values filter to allow the choice values to be modified in the editor. Warning: editing the values after entries have been submitted will affect the integrity of the results. Delete all entries for the form before editing the values.
  • Added ‘weighted scores’ setting to allow complex scoring systems where each choice is given a different score.
  • Added a form setting to control whether to display the quiz confirmation after submission.
  • Added score, percentage, pass/fail and grade to the conditional logic for form confirmations and notifications.
  • Updated the Drop Down Quiz field to display the “Select one” option at the top of the list instead of the bottom.
  • Updated entry meta filters available on the results page to hide filters according to form settings.
  • Update styles on settings and results page.
  • Fixed issue with merge tags not being rendered properly when resending notifications.
  • Fixed Strict notices under PHP 5.4.
  • Fixed innacurate permissions for settings pages.
  • Fixed an issue where quiz merge tags would appear in the list of merge tags available during pre-submission.
  • Fixed some non localized strings.
  • Fixed choice re-ordering.
  • Fixed a PHP warning when overriding a page redirect with the Quiz confirmation message.
  • Fixed the quiz dropdown field value to retain selected value after failed validation.
  • Fixed an issue with results not being displayed when double quotes were inside field choices labels.
  • Fixed an issue with results not being displayed in no conflict mode.
  • Fixed an issue with instant feedback where the the correct answer may not be highlighted after an incorrect selection for fields which have been created by duplicating another field.
  • Removed some deprecated filters.