Gravity Forms Polls Add-On 2.0

Gravity Forms Polls Add-On was updated to version 2.0, from version 1.5. Changelog:

  • Added Add-On Framework integration.
  • Added integration with the Campaign Monitor Add-On, MailChimp Add-On, AWeber Add-On and Zapier Add-On.
  • Added the gform_polls_percentage_precision hook so the percentages on the front-end results can be rounded to a custom number of decimal digits.
  • Updated label of some form settings items.
  • Updated Drop Down Poll field to display the “Select one” option at the top of the list instead of the bottom.
  • Updated GFPolls::merge_tag_filter() to public static.
  • Fixed view results link for forms with no entries.
  • Fixed an issue where poll merge tags would appear in the list of merge tags available during pre-submission.
  • Fixed Strict notices under PHP 5.4.
  • Fixed permissions for settings pages.