Better WP Security 4.0.1

Better WP Security was updated to version 4.0.1, from version 3.6.6. Changelog:


  • Fix for issue whereas a blank deny ip line could be entered into wp-config.php during update if banned users was used.


  • Better WP Security is now iThemes Security.
  • jQuery Scanner looks for vulnerable versions of jQuery in your theme and gives you the option to replace it with the current version of jQuery from WordPress core.
  • Remove author archives for users without any posts. This helps prevent bots from finding users on your site.
  • Force a unique nicename. This forces the user to choose a Nickname that is different from the login name which will be used for the author slug and other appropriate areas.
  • Disable PHP execution in uploads.
  • New UI with streamlined options and other settings
  • Hide features not in use
  • Smart feature selection for easier use
  • Central logs location
  • Ability to better customize notification and backup emails by sending to one or more addresses
  • Ability to save files anywhere on the host
  • Uses file-system locking for all critical operations
  • Global settings require setting options only once
  • Full BackupBuddy integration
  • Voluntary tracking of when options are turned on or off via Google Analytics
  • Hide backend no longer uses keys
  • Whitelist IPs for all lockouts
  • File change detection can run in batches for better resource usage
  • Backups can ignore unneeded table data such as logs
  • File change detection can ignore specified file types completely
  • All saved files now go to uploads
  • Ban users now has its own whitelist
  • Away mode and nearly all other features tweaked for speed and reliability
  • Module feature includes to accommodate future features as well as possibility of 3rd party features
  • No more insufficient permissions errors on settings tabs