Jetpack by 2.9

Jetpack by was updated to version 2.9, from version 2.8. Changelog:

  • Added Multisite network functionality
  • New Module: Related Posts
  • Enhancement: Single Sign On
  • Enhancement: Mixcloud shortcode and oEmbed
  • Enhancement: Gist shortcode and oEmbed
  • Enhancement: Modify Facebook Like Box widget to support new Facebook parameters
  • Enhancement: Rolled the Push Notifications module into the Notes module
  • Enhancement: Update kses with Markdown
  • Enhancement: Adding keyboard accessibility to sharing buttons config page
  • Enhancement: Pull WordPress testing bits from the new official git mirror at
  • Bugfix: Widget Visibility
  • Bugfix: Revisions box in Custom CSS
  • Bugfix: Fix several bugs in the WordPress Posts Widget so that it correctly updates
  • Bugfix: Limit Login Attempts no longer generates false positives from xmlrpc.
  • Bugfix: Clear max_posts transient on theme switch.
  • Bugfix: Lower priority of sync to allow all CPTs to be registered.
  • Bugfix: Contact form fields emailed in correct order.