BackupBuddy was updated to version, from version Changelog:

  • Dashboard widget: Fixed backup button overflow.
  • Dashboard widget: Fixed time of last backup not being correct localized time.
  • Settings page: Added Licensing link to more easily find Licensing.
  • Added BackupBuddy version number to the bottom right of each BackupBuddy page.
  • Backups page now notifies if new MAJOR version (non-quick release) is available and instructs to upgrade via the WP Plugins page.
  • Changed some Malware Scan page wording for clarity.

  • Fixed Quick Setup Destination selection not displaying settings for adding a new destination.

  • Beta Database Rollback step process shortened.

  • Added additional logging when seeking database tables’ matching prefix.
  • Beta Database Rollback — New beta feature for rolling back database to a prior backup.
  • ImportBuddy: Fixed permission problems with wp-config.php and .htaccess files caused by recent update in Also now only conditionally updates if file is deemed unwritable.
  • Suppressing alerts on inability to write to status log as they can clutter page.

  • Bug Fix: Licensing on SSL-enabled sites now works properly.

  • ImportBuddy: .htaccess and wp-config.php permissions set to be writable prior to writing. Restored to prior permission level after updating.
  • Added additional logging to imoportbuddy generation process to improve troubleshooting.
  • Performance: Removed unused PluginBuddy framework methods & code from PB framework to improve performance.
  • Performance: Added additional is_admin() conditionals into PB framework for slightly performance increase on front-end.
  • Updated German translations.
  • Updated Swedish translations.
  • iThemes Sync: If last backup file no longer exists on server, return empty string for this stats value.
  • Adjusted misc colors on Remote Destinations page to better match WordPress 3.8 styling.
  • Updated BackupBuddy Dashboard widget.
  • Now storing additional WordPress information in meta & DAT files such as WordPress version, total pages, posts, users, comments, etc.
  • Performance: Updated dbreplace library to address excess memory usage.