WordPress SEO 1.4.24

WordPress SEO was updated to version 1.4.24, from version 1.4.23. Changelog:

  • Removed screen_icon() calls.
  • Fixed a bug in robots meta tag on singular items.
  • Fix double robots header, WP native settings will be respected.
  • When post published data is newer than last modified date, use that in XML sitemap.
  • Check if tab hash is correct after being redirected from Facebook API.
  • Fix 404 in category rewrites when pagination_base was changed.
  • Make the metabox tabs jQuery only work for WPSEO tabs.
  • Sitemap shortcode sql had hard-coded table name which could easily cause the shortcode display to fail. Fixed.
  • Fix issue with user capability authorisation check as reported by scienceandpoetry in issue #492.
  • Fixed canonical rel links was causing an error when given an invalid taxonomy, issue #306.
  • Removed add_meta_box() function duplication.
  • Fix issue “Flesch Reading Ease should only be a positive number”. This also fixes the message being unclear.
  • Fixed issue with page analysis not taking feature image into account.
  • Shortcode now also available to ajax requests.
  • Added gitignores to prevent incorrect commits (Cross platform collab).
  • Adding filters to individual sitemap url entries.