Jetpack by 2.8

Jetpack by was updated to version 2.8, from version 2.7. Changelog:

  • New Module: Markdown
  • Module Update: Jetpack Monitor
  • Enhancement: Infinite Scroll: Keep track of $current_day between requests so the_date() works well.
  • Enhancement: Embeds: New filter to turn off embeds in comments.
  • Enhancement: Contact Form: Add placeholder support.
  • Enhancement: Widget: Gravatar Profile: Added filters to allow users to customize headings and fixed output of personal links.
  • Enhancement: Facebook OG Tags: Add published_time, modified_time, and author if the post type supports it.
  • Enhancement: Sharing: Display buttons on CPT archive pages.
  • Enhancement: Sharing: Add get_share_title function and filter.
  • Enhancement: Sharing: Add filter sharing_display_link.
  • Enhancement: Twitter Timeline: Flesh out tweet limit option.
  • Enhancement: Social Links: Add Google+ to the list of supported services.
  • Enhancement: Stats: Improve dashboard styles in 3.8.
  • Enhancement: Stats: No longer use Quantcast.
  • Enhancement: Top Posts: Add jetpack_top_posts_days filter.
  • Enhancement: AtD: Add TinyMCE 4 compatability for its pending arrival in WordPress 3.9
  • Enhancement: Genericons: Update to v3.0.3
  • Enhancement: Tiled Galleries: Add alt attributes to images.
  • Enhancement: Shortcode: YouTube: Accept protocol-relative URLs.
  • Enhancement: Shortcode: Slideshow: Add white background option.
  • Enhancement: Shortcode: YouTube: Add support for the two closed-caption arguments.
  • Enhancement: Shortcode: Vimeo: Update the regex to support the new embed code.
  • Enhancement: Shortcode: Google Maps: Update the regex to handle new format for embeds.
  • Enhancement: Likes: Avoid a PHP Notice when $_POST[‘post_type’] is not set in meta_box_save.
  • Enhancement: Smush images to save on file size.
  • Enhancement: Publicize: Enable opt-in publicizing of custom post types.
  • Bug Fix: Random Redirect: Further namespace to avoid conflicts.
  • Bug Fix: Twitter Timeline: Resolve undefined index notice.
  • Bug Fix: Featured Content: Add extra class_exists() check to be extra careful.
  • Bug Fix: Facebook OG Tags: Change OG type of Home and Front Page to ‘website’
  • Bug Fix: Widget Visibility: Add support for old-style single use widgets.
  • Bug Fix: Google Authorship: Support apostrophe in author names.
  • Bug Fix: Media Extractor: Assorted graceful failure caveats.
  • Bug Fix: Carousel: ‘Link to None’ bug fixed.
  • Bug Fix: Embeds: Bandcamp: Switch escaping function for album and track IDs to handle (int)s greater than PHP_INT_MAX
  • Bug Fix: Some plugins trying to catch brute-force attacks mistakenly flagged the Jetpack connection as one.