Gravity Forms 1.8.1

Gravity Forms was updated to version 1.8.1, from version 1.8. Changelog:

  • Added the gform_webapi_get_users_settings_page filter to allow the user list to be filtered on the API settings page.
  • Added the gform_filters_get_users filter to allow the user list to be filtered in the field filters.
  • Added logging statements for single file upload fields on single page forms and last page of multi-page forms.
  • Fixed issue with gform_display_add_form_button filter.
  • Fixed issue with state validation failing on product names with leading or trailing spaces.
  • Fixed notices thrown in the clean_up_files function.
  • Fixed an issue on the settings where a valid license key appears incorrectly as invalid for up to 24 hours after updating to version 1.8.
  • Fixed an issue on the confirmation edit page when a conditional logic rule value contains an apostrophe.
  • Fixed an issue with the multi-file upload field when used on more than one page of a multi-page form and when the max number of files is set.
  • Fixed JavaScript error when form contains a currency format number field but no calculation.
  • Fixed the missing edit columns icon on the entry list.
  • Fixed undefined index notice isRequired in GFFormDisplay::get_field_content().
  • Fixed the localization of the select files button in the multi-file upload field.
  • Removed the gform_webapi_max_accounts_settings_page filter.
  • Removed the gform_filters_max_user_accounts filter.