Genesis 2.0.2

The Genesis theme was updated to version 2.0.2. Changelogs:

Genesis 2.0.2

  • Add Google Authorship option to Genesis SEO.
  • Fix bug in search form where search term was used as placeholder text.
  • WordPress 3.8 UI compatibility.
  • Prevent Genesis child themes from pulling incorrect updates from
  • Fixed a couple of display and syntax errors.
  • Updated screenshot.

Genesis 2.0.1

  • Use relative protocol for external resources.
  • Remove overly aggressive type hint that was causing errors in some situations.
  • Fix post author link bug where it was escaped too late.
  • Fix empty document title on some CPT archives.
  • Fix more tag issue on homepage in some scenarios.
  • Use namespaced key when saving term meta.
  • Comments link now jumps to the comment form if no comments have been made.

Genesis 2.0.0

  • Introduce HTML5 output option.
  • Introduce Microdata in the markup.
  • Introduce a flexible markup API to allow changes in markup element attributes with a smart filter system.
  • Brand new hooks for loops output in HTML5.
  • Brand new design.
  • Reorganized CSS file.
  • Contextual help in the Help tab dropdown for all Genesis Admin pages.
  • Loads of inline documentation improvements.
  • Yet another security audit from Mark Jaquith.