BackupBuddy was updated to version, from version Changelog:

  • Full release of quick release updates through
  • Fixed non-static API functions.
  • Fixed undefined index warnings on bad backups during integrity scan.
  • Fixed Stash feature ‘Copy to Local’ not functioning.
  • Improved error differentiation for Multisite failure to find required form data on moving to next step.

  • Fixed Send Backup to Remote Destination & Stop Backup buttons not working after backup completes.
  • Added beginnings of BackupBuddy API v0.

  • Fixed inability to clear out ImportBuddy password on Settings page.
  • ImportBuddy provides more details on failure detecting writability on unpacking.
  • Fixed Database Check & Scan features not working on Server Tools -> Database page.
  • Began updating temp directory calls to all use backupbuddy_core::getTempDirectory()
  • Updated remaining usages of wp-content/uploads to direct to proper uploads directory where applicable.
  • Misc minor fixes & tweaks.
  • Updated Sync download URL for direct linking.

  • Removal of remaining hardcoded WP_CONTENT_DIR usages.
  • Added Sync verb backupbuddy-get-latestBackupProcess.

  • Fixed hardcoded uploads directory for logging in Settings page code.
  • Expired transient deletion now directly deletes in SQL rather than looping for performance boost.
  • Fixed hardcoded access permission based on ability to activate plugins rather configured access level (via Settings page).

  • Added new Sync overview verb return data: latestBackupProcess

  • Fixed Sync backup stats not being available.

  • Major updates to xzipbuddy library improving performance, compatibility, and aids in troubleshooting server problems.
  • Added enhanced iThemes Sync support for additional BackupBuddy interoperability and features.
  • Backup page no longer waits for document ready to perform AJAX request to check status. Prevents Status page from hanging.
  • ImportBuddy: DBreplace PHP-based replacements now retrieve content to replace 500 rows per query to reduce memory usage.
  • Misc minor bug updates & small performance tweaks.
  • Mysqlbuddy performance improved for PHP-based database dumps.