Jetpack by 2.7

Jetpack by was updated to version 2.7, from version 2.6.1. Changelog:

  • Google+ Publicize
  • Add Cloudup as an oEmbed provider
  • Subscriptions: Add subscribe_field_id filter to allow updated ids when using multiple widgets
  • Infinite Scroll: TwentyFourteen Support
  • Contact Form: Fix warning when form is called outside the loop
  • Featured Content: Moving Settings to Customizer, provide option to set default tag as fallback, specify all supported post-types rather than just additional ones. Description Updates
  • Featured Content: Compat with ‘additional_post_types’ theme support argument. Comment updates
  • Featured Content: Make sure $term is an object before we treat it as one
  • GlotPress: Merge with latest GlotPress
  • Infinite Scroll: prevent Undefined index notice that can cause IS to fail when user has WP_DEBUG set to true
  • Infinite Scroll: Improved compatibility with Carousel, Tiled Galleries, VideoPress, and the and shortcodes
  • Likes: Stop manually including version.php and trust the global. Some whitespace fixes, and if it’s an attachment, follow the post_status of the parent post
  • Mobile Theme: Display password field for Gallery format protected posts
  • Sharing: Add new translation width for share button, and Google Plus icons
  • Shortcodes: Support Ineternational Google domains for maps
  • Shortcodes: Facebook Embeds: Register alternate permalink.php URL for posts
  • Subscriptions: Moved inline styles from widget email input to seperate css file
  • Theme Tools: Fix glitch where random-redirect.php also showed as a plugin being deleted if you were deleting Jetpack
  • Misc: Internationalization & RTL updates
  • Misc: Prevent collisions with ‘Facebook Featured Image & OG Meta Tags’ plugin