Jetpack by 2.6

Jetpack by was updated to version 2.6, from version 2.5. Changelog:

  • WPCC / now called SSO: refactored.
  • Monitor: new module which will notify you if your site goes down(
  • Custom CSS: replace Ace editor with Codemirror.
  • Widgets: new “Display Posts” widget.
  • WP-CLI: add commands to disconnect a site and manage modules.
  • Contact Form: new filters, grunion_contact_form_field_html and grunion_should_send_email.
  • Custom Post Types: new restaurant post type.
  • Genericons: update to version 3.0.2.
  • Infinite Scroll: many improvements and fixes.
  • Likes: performance improvements.
  • MP6: Jetpack icons are now compatible with WordPress 3.8.
  • Open Graph: better descriptions, fallback images, and media extraction from video posts.
  • Publicize: new background token tests for connected publicize services and display problems on settings sharing and add new post.
  • Shortcodes: updated Bandcamp shortcode to support the tracklist and minimal attributes, as well as more artwork attribute values.
  • Shortlinks: add Custom Post Type support.
  • Subscriptions: add more ways to customize the subscriptions widget.
  • Twitter Cards: better media management and card type detection, and better handling of conflicts with other Twitter Cards plugins.
  • Better handling of conflicts with other plugins.
  • After the Deadline: add a typeof check for tinyMCEPreInit.mceInit to prevent js errors.
  • Carousel: speed improvements and several bugfixes.
  • Contact Form: remove nonce creating issues with caching plugins.
  • Custom Post Types: Testimonials: return if featured image is empty so it can be removed after it’s been set.
  • Featured Content: add additional post type support through the additional_post_types argument.
  • Google Authorship: support apostrophes in Google+ profiles.
  • Google Authorship: use a regexp Instead of using mb_convert_encoding, which doesn’t enjoy universal support.
  • Heartbeat: ensure that it never triggers more than once per week.
  • JSON API: add new ?meta= parameter that allows you to expand the data found in the meta->links responses.
  • JSON API: add new is_private response to the sites endpoint and global_ID response to the reader and post endpoints.
  • Mobile Theme: allow small images to display inline.
  • Mobile Theme: fix fatal errors for missing minileven_header function.
  • Photon: fix errors when an image is not uploaded properly.
  • Shortcodes: improvements to Archives, Google+, Presentations, Vine and Youtube.
  • Tiled Galleries: improve display of panoramic images and fix errors when an image is not uploaded properly.