Jetpack by 2.6.1

Jetpack by was updated to version 2.6.1, from version 2.6. Changelog:

  • Minor styling fix in pre- and post-MP6/3.8 UI changes.
  • Stats: spinner gif url fix when the user is viewing it over https.
  • Stats: Switch to esc_html from htmlspecialchars in error message — better to be native
  • Media Extractor: some hosts don’t compile unicode for preg_match_all, so we temporarily removed the block that depended on it.
  • Media Extractor: Add in some error handling for malformed URLs.
  • Twitter Cards: treat single-image galleries as a photo-type.
  • Update conflicting plugins for OG tags and Twitter Cards.
  • Correct max supported version number — had been 3.6, update to 3.7.1