Gravity Forms 1.7.13

Gravity Forms was updated to version 1.7.13, from version 1.7.12. Changelog:

  • Added JS filter: “gform_calculation_result” to allow modifying the calculated result.
  • Added JS filter: “gform_calculation_format_result” to allow user to override default formatting to calculated result.
  • Fixed issue where function setup_site had been changed to setup_database but code not updated; caused fatal error to be thrown.
  • Fixed issue where formatted calculation result was always used even if none was returned.
  • Fixed issue where datepicker was displaying below WP content.
  • Fixed issue where notification edit page was “busting out” of the WP wrapper.
  • Fixed issue where using decimal values from drop downs (and other fields) resulted in ignored decimals.
  • Fixed issue with ReCAPTCHA field throwing Javascript errors when tab index wasn’t defined.