BackupBuddy was updated to version, from version Changelog:

  • Multisite: Fixed bug where users would be skipped on import even though they did not already exist.
  • Multisite: Fixed missing icon for subsite Multisite Export menu item & clicking going to a non-existant 404 page.
  • Fixed Profile Add button not working on Backups page.
  • Updated alpha iThemes Sync functionality.
  • Fixed deprecated notice ereg_replace when setting backup note.
  • BackupBuddy buffer flushing can be skipped by advanced option OR defining the following in wp-config.php if backup hangs part-way through dumping databases in compatibility mode: define( ‘BACKUPBUDDY_NOFLUSH’, true );
  • Fixed modal popups not working on Server Tools page.
  • Licensing will now be universal across all sites of a multisite network. This means that you will only need to license on one site to have the license apply across the entire network.