WordPress SEO 1.4.19

WordPress SEO was updated to version 1.4.19, from version 1.4.18. Changelog:

  • Added the option to upload a separate image for Facebook in the Social tab.
  • Added published time, last modified time, tags and categories to OpenGraph output, to work with Pinterests new article pin.
  • Added a filter for post length requirements in the Analysis tab.
  • If there is a term description, use it in the OpenGraph description for a term archive page.
  • Applied a number of settings form best practices.
  • File inclusion best practices applied.
  • Breadcrumbs for Custom Post Types now take the CPT->label instead of CPT->labels->menu_name as text parameter.
  • Move all rewrite flushing to shutdown, so it doesn’t break other plugins who add their rewrites late.
  • Fixed the wrong naming of the L10n JS object.
  • Improved form support for UTF-8.
  • Corrected faulty multisite option registration.
  • Fixed appropriate use of plugins_url() to avoid breaking hooked in filters.
  • (Temporary) fix for metabox styling for users using the MP6 plugin.
  • Minor fix in localization loading.
  • Fixed Missing argument 3 for wpseo_upgrader_process_complete notice for WP 3.7+.
  • Updated ru_RU, tr_TK and Hr.