Gravity Forms 1.7.12

Gravity Forms was updated to version 1.7.12, from version 1.7.11. Changelog:

  • Fixed non localized text “Insert Form” (displays when adding a form to a page/post).
  • Fixed issue with file upload fields when upload files without an extension.
  • Fixed issue when truncating text with multi-byte characters.
  • Fixed issue when loading JSON serialized forms (i.e. forms created with v. 1.8).
  • Fixed notice thrown in function selection_display when value is not an array.
  • Fixed notice thrown when displaying form description and there isn’t one.
  • Fixed notice thrown when setting url for redirect when none specified.
  • Fixed issue with form import not importing checkbox item IDs correctly (by skipping the multiples of 10).
  • Fixed issue with Form Settings & Notification subviews overflow past bottom of wpwrap causing adminmenu to appear shorter on scroll.
  • Fixed issue with date field not resetting to default value correctly when hidden by conditional logic.