Gravity Forms 1.7.8

Gravity Forms was updated to version 1.7.8, from version 1.7.7. Changelog:

  • Added gform_pre_enqueue_scripts hook so that scripts can be added first if a need exists. This was added in order to resolve conflicts caused by new Picatcha JS.
  • Added new logging statements for the Logging Add-On.
  • Updated tooltips to optimize performance when using WPML.
  • Updated gform_is_value_match filter to optionally pass rule object being validated.
  • Updated the results page to display as a view of the gf_entries page so the gravityforms_view_entries capability is required instead of gravityforms_edit_forms (in addition to the gravityforms_{add-on}_results capability).
  • Fixed markup with the credit card field.
  • Fixed issues with switched parameters on get_parameter_value() call causing issues with pre-populating certain field types.
  • Fixed conflict between HTML5 validation and the script to prevent duplicate submissions.
  • Fixed issue with notification processing causing form to display “blank” in the admin under certain conditions.
  • Fixed issue with entry list page where more entries were being used than the ones selected when applying actions.
  • Fixed issue with multisite upgrades preventing tables from being properly updated.
  • Fixed conflict on Add-On page preventing add-ons from being installed.
  • Fixed a PHP notice on the Entry list for imported forms.
  • Fixed issue with conditional logic conflict with calculating field.
  • Fixed issue with user defined product field not formatting correctly.