BackupBuddy 4.1.1

BackupBuddy was updated to version 4.1.1, from version Changelog:

  • Remote Destination: Amazon S3 re-added support for existing buckets with disallowed characters such as underscores or dashes IF the bucket already exists. New buckets should match s3 naming conventions. Create buckets via the Amazon Console if non-standard naming is required.
  • Remote Destination: Amazon S3 clarified logging of determination whether to chunk or not. Added new constant for mimimum allowed chunk size.
  • Remote Destination: Stash clarified logging of determination whether to chunk or not. Added new constant for mimimum allowed chunk size.

  • New Automatic Upgrades & Licensing System – Complete overhaul
  • Removed old automatic upgrade & licensing system.
  • Fixed Multisite menu icon not displaying since last release due to retina update.
  • Remote destination test details on Recent Transfers section now denotes this as a test and uses the filename ‘remote-send-test.php’ for test transfers.

  • Improved error reporting on manual file send to Stash if unable to connect to account (ie bad password).
  • Reversed history.txt ordering to display latest updates at the bottom for compatibility with updater repository updating.
  • Fixed S3 file browser being unable to detect backup type since v4.1.
  • S3 file browser no longer displays files within subdirectories deeper than the destination directory/root.
  • S3 file browser no longer displays files that do not match the BackupBuddy filename format.
  • Bug since v4.1: S3 file limit fixed to not delete any files within a deeper subdirectory.
  • Bug since v4.1: S3 file limit fixed to not delete any files for a different site that are both in the same bucket / directory location for safety.
  • Critical S3 fix for bug since vBackupBuddy v4.1 under a SPECIFIC scenario which could result in inadvertant deletion of files within S3 bucket subdirectories deeper than the remote destinations’. Requirements for this to occur:
    • Must be running BackupBuddy v4.1.0.0 – v4.1.0.4.
    • Limits must be enabled for an S3 destination containing subdirectories within said destination’s bucket & directory.
    • Subdirectories within this destination’s bucket/directory must contain content that pushes the backup limit over the threshold.
  • Fixed undefined index in Dropbox PHPv5.3+ when no backups are available in location yet.
  • Added additional check to Dropbox destinations to not list directories. Also omitted from file limits even if the directory name matches a BackupBuddy filename format for an additional layer of security.

  • Database queries and error retrievals update to reference identifier $wpdb->dbh.
  • ImportBuddy now stores mysql connection in global $wpdb->dbh for compatibility with libraries using $wpdb->dbh for identifier in BackupBuddy.
  • Fixed remote destination send log being prematurely deleted after short period of time.
  • FTP upload no longer uses full path for send as the path is already in place via chdir().
  • Editing Remote Destination no longer resets destination name back to default.
  • mysqlbuddy PHP-based import now logs table creation to better indicate SQL import status.
  • mysqlbuddy PHP-based database dump now selects database rows limited to X number of rows at a time to help mitigate memory usage. X currently = 3000 rows.
  • Misc minor changes.

  • Zip file contents viewer now supports viewing .ini file contents as text.
  • Fixed trim_remote_send_stats() warning on remote destinations page due to missing. Default age-limit now set.
  • S3 bucket creation failure now logs server response for troubleshooting.

  • ImportBuddy now stores a unique hash cookie for one hour to aid in usage without needing to login as often if re-starting the process or using additional tool pages.
  • Slight redesign adding new toolbar to top for additional pages.
  • Updated Amazon SDK to version 1.6.2.
  • Updated plugin meta information to be consistent across iThemes plugins, including new meta row information for Support & Documentation.

  • S3 SDK rolled back to v1.5.14 due to issues introduced by Amazon’s newer version.
  • Fixed ImportBuddy error on Step 3.