WordPress SEO 1.4.15

WordPress SEO was updated to version 1.4.15, from version 1.4.14. Changelog:

  • Fix the white XML sitemap errors caused by non-working XSL.
  • Fixed the errors in content analysis reporting an H2 was not found when it was really there.
  • Fix slug stopwords removal.
  • Fix PHP Notice logged when site has capabilities created without 3rd value in args array.
  • Fix the fact that meta description template for archive pages didn’t work.
  • Prevent wrong shortcodes (that echo instead of return) from causing erroneous output.
  • Fix edge cases issue for keyword in first paragraph test not working.
  • Revert change in 1.4.14 that did a do_shortcode while in the head to retrieve images from posts, as too many plugins crash then, instead added wpseo_pre_analysis_post_content filter there as well.