WordPress SEO 1.4.14

WordPress SEO was updated to version 1.4.14, from version 1.4.13. Changelog:

  • Switch to stock autocomplete file and fix clash with color picker
  • Prevent strip category base code from breaking Custom Post Type rewrites
  • Fixed issue with canonical links on last page of paginated posts
  • Fixed bug in shortcode removal from meta description
  • Fixed bug preventing saving of taxonomy meta data on first try
  • Fixed small (potential) issue in wpseo_title_test()
  • Fixed bug where RSS excerpt would be double wrapped in <p> tags
  • Fixed HTML validation error: Duplicate id Twitter on Social tab
  • Fixed undefined index notice
  • Fixed error in a database query
  • Fixed small issue with how styles where enqueued/registered
  • Fixed bug in alt text of score dots
  • Applied best practices to all uses of preg_ functions fixing some bugs in the process
  • Fixed bug in processing of %%ct_<custom-tax-name>%%
  • Fixed: no more empty og: or twitter: tags. Also added additional escaping where needed
  • Fixed: Meta description tag discovery looked in parent theme header file even when a child theme is the current theme
  • Fixed: Using the ‘Fix it’ button would remove the meta description tag from the parent theme header file, even when a child theme is the current theme
  • Fixed: Using the ‘Fix it’ button would fail if it had already been used once (i.e. if a wpseo backup file already existed)
  • Fixed repeated unnecessary meta description tag checks on each visit to dashboard page
  • Fixed: Meta description ‘Fix it’ feedback message was not shown
  • Mini-fix for plugin_dir_url
  • Fixed Author Highlighting to only show authors as possible choice for Google+ Plus author
  • Fixed adjacent_rel_links() for Genesis users
  • Replace jQuery .live function with .on(), as .live() has been deprecated and deleted.
  • Fix how breadcrumbs deal with taxonomy orders.
  • Fixed some PHP warnings
  • Added wpseo_pre_analysis_post_content filter. This allows plugins to add content to the content that is analyzed by the page analysis functionality.
  • Added wpseo_genesis_force_adjacent_rel_home filter to allow forcing of rel=next / rel=prev links on the homepage pagination for Genesis users, they’re off by default.
  • Make $wpseo_metabox a global
  • No need to show Twitter image when OpenGraph is showing
  • Make sure WPML works again
  • Added checks for the meta description tag on theme switch, on theme update and on (re-)activation of the WP SEO plugin including a visual warning if the check would warrant it
  • Added the ability to request re-checking a theme for the meta description tag. Useful when you’ve manually removed it (to get rid of the warning)
  • OpenGraph image tags will now also be added for images added to the post via shortcodes
  • Added ‘wpseo_breadcrumb_single_link_with_sep’ filter which allows users to filter a complete breadcrumb element including the separator
  • Added ‘wpseo_stopwords’ filter which allows users to filter the stopwords list
  • Added ‘wpseo_terms’ filter which allows users to filter the terms string
  • Hide advanced tab for users for which it has been disabled
  • Updated Facebook supported locales list for og:locale
  • Updated languages tr_TK, fi, ru_RU & da_DK
  • Added language hi_IN
  • Updated wordpress-seo.pot file