Jetpack by 2.3.4

Jetpack by was updated to version 2.3.4, from version 2.3.3. Changelog:

  • Bug Fix: Correct when output occurs with CSV export for feedback.
  • Bug Fix: Tidy up the Heartbeat API.
  • Enhancement: User Agent: Improve detecting of bots.
  • Enhancement: Genericons: Make sure we’re pulling the freshest version from on each release.
  • Enhancement: JSON API: Open up replies/new endpoints so that users can comment on blogs that are not in their access token.
  • Enhancement: Photon: Apply to get_post_gallery() function as well.
  • Enhancement: Tiled Galleries: Add a default bottom margin to be more robust out of the box.
  • Translations: Adding in fresher translation files.
  • Deprecation: Removing the retinization code for 3.4, as it was included in WordPress trunk from 3.5 onwards.