Gravity Forms Polls Add-On 1.5

Gravity Forms Polls Add-On was updated to version 1.5, from version 1.4.1. Changelog:

  • Gravity Forms minimum requirements changed to v1.7.4.2.
  • Added a “Select one” option to the dropdown poll field.
  • Added the gform_polls_cron_schedule filter so the frequency of the cron job can be modified.
  • Changed the calculation of the cookie expiration to take into account the browser’s timezone if possible.
  • Fixed an issue with results not being displayed when double quotes were inside field choices labels.
  • Fixed an issue with results not being displayed in no conflict mode.
  • Fixed an issue with poll submissions taking too long or timing out when there are already a large number of entries. When the results calculation takes more than 5 seconds then a cached version of the results will be displayed until the background process has finished calculating the new results.
  • Fixed issue with repeat voting when the poll shortcode cookie attribute is not used.
  • Removed some deprecated jQuery calls.