Jetpack by 2.2.5

Jetpack by was updated to version 2.2.5, from version 2.2.2. Changelog:


  • Enhancement: Stats: Counting of registered users’ views can now be enabled for specific roles
  • Bug Fix: Security tightening for metadata support in the REST API
  • Bug Fix: Update the method for checking Twitter Timeline widget_id and update coding standards
  • Bug Fix: Custom CSS: Allow the content width setting to be larger than the theme’s content width
  • Bug Fix: Custom CSS: Fix possible missing argument warning.


  • Bug Fix: JSON API compat file include was not assigning a variable correctly, thus throwing errors. This has been resolved.


  • Enhancement: Comments – Add the reply-title H3 to the comment form so that themes or user CSS can style it
  • Enhancement: Custom CSS – Support for the CSS @viewport
  • Enhancement: JSON API – Support for i_like, is_following, and is_reblogged
  • Enhancement: JSON API: Custom Post Type Support
  • Enhancement: JSON API: Meta Data Support
  • Enhancement: JSON API: Bundled Support for bbPress
  • Enhancement: JSON API: Additions of following, reblog, and like status for post endpoints.
  • Enhancement: Shortcodes – Add Bandcamp shortcode
  • Enhancement: Tiled Galleries – Add code to get blog_id
  • Bug Fix: Carousel – Support relative image paths incase a plugin is filtering attachment URLs to be relative instead of absolute
  • Bug Fix: Carousel – Add likes widget to images / Respect comment settings for name/email
  • Bug Fix: Carousel – Make name and email optional if the setting in the admin area says they are
  • Bug Fix: Contact Form – Bug fixes, including a fix for WP-CLI
  • Bug Fix: Contact Form – Remove deprecated .live calls, delegate lazily to jQuery(document) since it’s all in an iframe modal
  • Bug Fix: Contact Form – RTL styles
  • Bug Fix: Contact Form – Better handle MP6 icons
  • Bug Fix: Custom CSS – array_shift() took a variable by reference, so avoid passing it the result of a function
  • Bug Fix: Custom CSS – Allow case-insensitive CSS properties (ref)
  • Bug Fix: Infinite Scroll – Maintain main query’s post__not_in values when querying posts for IS
  • Bug Fix: Infinite Scroll – Ensure that IS’s pre_get_posts method isn’t applied in the admin. Also fixes an incorrect use of add_filter() where add_action() was meant. Fixes #1696-plugins
  • Bug Fix: Infinite Scroll – CSS update – IS footer was too large in Firefox
  • Bug Fix: Infinite Scroll – Add bundled support for Twenty Thirteen default theme
  • Bug Fix: Infinite Scroll – Include posts table’s prefix when modifying the SQL WordPress generates to retrieve posts for Infinite Scroll
  • Bug Fix: JSON API – Use wp_set_comment_status to change the comment status, to make sure actions are run where needed
  • Bug Fix: Likes – Update style and logic for matching id’s
  • Bug Fix: Mobile Theme – Ensure that minileven_actual_current_theme() is child-theme compatible + other updates
  • Bug Fix: Mobile Theme – Update method for finding currently active theme.
  • Bug Fix: Notifications – Remove the postmessage.js enqueue since this feature solely supports native postMessage
  • Bug Fix: Notifications – Clean up script enqueues and use core versions of underscore and backbone on wpcom as fallbacks
  • Bug Fix: Notifications – Enqueue v2 scripts and style
  • Bug Fix: Notifications – Prefix module-specific scripts and style to prevent collision
  • Bug Fix: Notifications – Include lang and dir attributes on #wpnt-notes-panel so the notifications iframe can use these to display correctly
  • Bug Fix: Open Graph: Use the profile OG type instead of author. Add tags for first/last names
  • Bug Fix: Publicize – Remove the Yahoo! service because they stopped supporting that API entirely
  • Bug Fix: Publicize – fix fatal errors caused by using a method on a non-object. Props @ipstenu
  • Bug Fix: Sharing – Adding 2x graphics for Pocket sharing service
  • Bug Fix: Sharing – Bug fixes, and a new filter
  • Bug Fix: Shortcodes – Audio: make sure that the Jetpack audion shortcode does not override the 3.6 core audio shortcode. Also, we need to filter the old Jetpack-style shortcode to properly set the params for the Core audio shortcode.
  • Bug Fix: Shortcodes – Audio: Re-enable the flash player
  • Bug Fix: Shortcodes – Slideshow: RTL styling update
  • Bug Fix: Tiled Galleries – Fix IE8 display bug where it doesn’t honor inline CSS for width on images
  • Bug Fix: Tiled Galleries – Remove depreacted hover call, use mouseenter mouseleave instead
  • Enhancement: Twitter Timeline Widget: New JavaScript based widget. Old one will discontinue May 7th.