Gravity Forms 1.7.2

Gravity Forms was updated to version 1.7.2, from version 1.6.12. Changelog:


  • Fixed issue related to CSS changes made to workaround conflict caused by CSS minification plugin shortcomings.


  • Added new Form Settings admin tool.
  • Added new Notifications admin tool within Form Settings.
  • Added new Confirmations admin tool within Form Settings.
  • Added New Form dialog for creating New Forms.
  • Added support for WP Editor merge tag icons and applied to the Notification message textarea.
  • Added gform_entry_post_save filter to allow entries to be filtered after being saved.
  • Added mt-prepopulate class to “Default Value” setting on form field Advanced tab so the Merge Tag drop down does not include form fields.
  • Added gform_admin_pre_render hook to notifications edit page.
  • Added language attributes to the preview page’s html tag.
  • Added div wrapper element with class name gf_submission_limit_message to submission limit message so it can be styled more easily.
  • Added improved right to left (RTL) language support for the admin, preview page and front end.
  • Added Gravity Forms specific classes to the dashboard widget to allow user styling.
  • Changed the form actions submenu hover class to make it more generic and applicable to all submenus.
  • Changed Zip to ZIP.
  • Changed send_notifications() function to accept single path attachments (previously only supported arrays).
  • Changed form settings submenu style to avoid issue where menu is hidden before it can be selected.
  • Changed update_lead() function so that it updates the cached lead.
  • Changed gfMergeTags class to trigger input’s change event after tag inserted.
  • Moved GFNotificationsTable to notifications.php.
  • Moved notification functions form form_settings.php to notifications.php.
  • Removed the gform_before_form_settings_update javascript hook; use the gform_pre_form_settings_save php hook instead.
  • Removed debug statement which caused a javascript error to be thrown in Internet Explorer when switching forms in the editor.
  • Renamed the hook gform_confirmation_before_save -> gform_pre_confirmation_save.
  • Renamed the javascript hook gform_before_form_editor_update -> gform_pre_form_editor_save.
  • Renamed the hook gform_notification_before_save -> gform_pre_notification_save.
  • Renamed the hook gform_before_email -> gform_pre_send_email.
  • Fixed issue with calculation fields on currencies that use a comma as the decimal separator.
  • Fixed issue preventing modifications done from the gform_entry_post_save filter to not be available on notifications.
  • Fixed issue where when accessing a new form and not adding any fields, unsaved changes notification is still triggered.
  • Fixed issue where “text” confirmations were having confirmation message replaced with default message when upgrading to 1.7.
  • Fixed issues with notification tooltips.
  • Fixed issue with preview page returning a 404 on sites where wordpress is running in a subfolder.
  • Fixed issue with custom jQuery UI stylesheet being enqueued when file did not exist.
  • Fixed issue with calculated products not saving their values correctly.
  • Fixed conflict with Custom Post Types plugin causing JS errors.
  • Fixed issue with jQuery tabs creating a Javascript error on the form editor page when using WP 3.6 beta.
  • Fixed issue with entry limit and form scheduling validation on preview page not displaying the appropriate message.
  • Fixed issue causing legacy notifications to be reloaded after all notifications are deleted.
  • Fixed GFFormsModel::gform_get_meta_values_for_entries() when $entry_ids is empty.
  • Fixed issue with form settings submenu hiding before mouse can move to it.
  • Fixed error when trying to resend entry notifications when no conflict mode is on.