Blubrry PowerPress 4.0.8

Blubrry PowerPress was updated to version 4.0.8, from version 4.0.7. Changelog:

  • Released on 4/19/2013
  • Completely rewrote logic added in 4.0.7 to fix the conflict with Yoast Google Analytics plugin. This sholud solve the issues folks have been having when using this plugin with PowerPress.
  • Flow Player Classic audio player height changed from 24 to 22 when Firefox detected, displays correctly in Firefox with this custom height.
  • Added code to prevent possible “Empty delimiter” warning for strstr function calls in plugin.
  • Added admin.php to admin_url() function calls to get around issue when web hosting providers do not provide DirectoryIndex support for index.php files.
  • Added channel as an option to the powerpress shortcode to clear up confusion, this option was previously currently called feed for specifying a specific custom podcast channel.
  • Changed logic for powerpress channel shortcode to always display the player and links even if no player configured in settings. (Thanks Daniel Lewis for pointing out the problem)
  • Added new define POWERPRESS_CUSTOM_CAPABILITY_TYPE, for setting an additional compatibility type other than “post” or “page”. Only works for custom podcast channels, not the default podcast channel.
  • Modified logic to allow smaller open in new window sizes, height can now be as small as 20 pixels and width can be as small as 50 pixels. Any values smaller than this will default to height of 20 pixels and width of 50 pixels. We still add 40px width and 80px height padding for scroll bars.
  • Added new option “Do not factor in scroll bars” to the New Window settings. By default, PowerPress adds to the width and height above to compensate for possible vertical and horizontal scroll bars. Check this option if you do not want PowerPress to compensate for browser scroll bars.
  • Fixed a notice message from PHP when error reporting set to include notices, only occurred when hosting configured.
  • Added blubrry Podcast Media Hosting icon with link to disable icon from edit screen.
  • Updated thickbox logic for compatibility with WordPress 3.6+.
  • Added logic to stats redirect URL to prevent incorrect URLs from being used.