BackupBuddy 3.4.0

BackupBuddy was updated to version 3.4.0, from version 3.3.0. Changelog:


  • Public release of ALL updates included in versions –
  • See version information above if updating from v3.2.
  • ImportBuddy: Backup meta data now displayed on Step 2 in addition to DAT file contents.
  • ImportBuddy: DAT location now retrieved from backup meta data (in comment) as preferred source of DAT location. Falls back to prior methods.
  • ImportBuddy: All ImportBuddy settings reset to defaults whenever authenticating on Step 1 to reset defaults if resuming a partial import.

  • Anti directory browsing added new 3rd parameter to deny from all.
  • Fixed Server Information page reporting warnings even when up to date.
  • Added ‘Twice Daily’ scheduling period.

  • File based options storage with file locking added to insure backup step data integrity and enforce protection against concurrent processes overlapping & creating backup problems, especially due to problems such as caching plugin interactions.
  • ImportBuddy typo in login exceeded message. – Elise
  • Backup data information now stored in file with locking rather than database data structure for better reliability and immunity from caching plugins.
  • Fixed Getting Started page Twitter feeds not caching, resulting in excess calls to & twitter feeds while on Getting Started page.
  • Added additional instructions for database only restores.
  • Fixed insufficient command line length forcing database into fallback mode.
  • “unrecognized option” response from mysqldump now forced fallback mode to insure against old or alternative versions of mysqldump from creating faulty database dumps.
  • Getting Started wizard makes getting BackupBuddy up and running faster and easier than ever with default presets.
  • Additional instructions for database only restores added.
  • mysqldump now detects unsupported parameter errors and reports them.
  • Misc minor bug fixes.
  • Backup now displays an error box with an error count and information on where to find additional information about error codes and the knowledge base.
  • More easily identify and find information about any potential errors encountered.
  • Zip Method Strategy added replacing forcing compatibility mode for greater flexibility and clarity. – Jeremy
  • Setting added for ignoring / not following symbolic links. Enabled by default. – Jeremy
  • set_greedy_script_limits() improvements. – Jeremy
  • Removed Delete button from Automated migration backup list. Backups may be deleted from the main backup page.
  • Quick setup wizard updates.
  • UI tweaks.
  • Current data structure version incremented to version 5 to force data upgrade of fileoptions data.
  • Fixed file display listing error when displaying directories with permission problems.
  • Added advanced debugging button on Backup Status ‘View Details’ popup to display decoded fileoptions contents array.
  • Fixed Quick Setup wizard URL.

  • Added user ID logging to Multisite user import step for collisions.
  • log_directory verified prior to activiation upgrade to insure log directory is set and saved before fileoptions upgrade commences.

  • Minor fix: Fixed edits since last backup not being updated & last serial since

  • Updated free Stash storage from 512MB to 1GB.
  • Read-only fileoptions mode ignores locks.


  • Release of all updates from – See above.

  • Downgraded some fileoptions errors to warnings as they are non-fatal.
  • Getting Started wizard UI tweaks.
  • Fixed invalid call to backupbuddy class instead of pb_backupbuddy.

  • Additional error logging for fileoptions system to improve troubleshooting.
  • ZipBuddy library updates addressing Zip Method Strategy problems under certain circumstances.

  • Additional fileoptions error downgrades to warnings.
  • Fixed fileoptions system causing errors during Classic backup mode.

  • Data structure version upgrade to 5 always saved even if no data is migrated into fileoptions system.

  • ImportBuddy: Fixed undefined index warnings when skipping zip extraction.
  • ImportBuddy: When enabling an advanced option on Step 1, proceeding to Step 2, then using the back button to go back and uncheck an option, these new settings were not being saved. Updating advanced options on Step 1 after previously setting them now sticks.