Jetpack by 2.2.1

Jetpack by was updated to version 2.2.1, from version 2.2. Changelog:

  • Enhancement: Development Mode: Define the JETPACK_DEV_DEBUG constant to true to enable an offline mode for localhost development. Only modules that don’t require a connection can be enabled in this mode.
  • Enhancement: Likes: Added the number of likes to the wp-admin/edit.php screens.
  • Enhancement: Mobile Theme – design refresh
  • Enhancement: Shortcodes – Add a filter to the shortcode loading section so that a plugin can override what Jetpack loads for shortcodes
  • Enhancement: Widgets – Filter Jetpack’s widgets so that a plugin can control which widgets get loaded
  • Bug Fix: Comments – Add in a wrapper div with id=’commentform’
  • Bug Fix: Contact Form – Added date field with datepicker
  • Bug Fix: Contact Form – Allowed non-text widgets to use contact forms by running their output through the widget_text filter
  • Bug Fix: Custom CSS – Allowing color values to be defined multiple times
  • Bug Fix: Custom CSS – Dynamically loading the correct CSS/LESS/SCSS mode for the CSS editor if the user changes the preprocessor
  • Bug Fix: Custom CSS – Using the unminified worker CSS
  • Bug Fix: Custom CSS – Added rule: reminder about using .custom-background on body selector
  • Bug Fix: Custom CSS – Modified rule: Removed portion of overqualification rule that deems ‘’ overqualified if there are no other ‘a’ rules
  • Bug Fix: Custom CSS – Ensuring that the editor and the textarea behind it are using the same font so that the cursor appears in the correct location
  • Bug Fix: Custom CSS – Fix a bug that caused some sites to always ignore the base theme’s CSS when in preview mode
  • Bug Fix: Custom CSS – Run stripslashes() before passing CSS to save()
  • Bug Fix: Custom CSS – Moving inline CSS and JavaScript into external files
  • Bug Fix: Infinite Scroll – Use the is_main_query() function and query method
  • Bug Fix: Infinite Scroll – Remove unused styles and an unnecessary margin setting
  • Bug Fix: Infinite Scroll – Allow the query used with IS to be filtered, so IS can be applied to a new query within a page template
  • Bug Fix: JSON API – Catch the ‘User cannot view password protected post’ error from can_view_post and bypass it for likes actions if the user has the password entered
  • Bug Fix: Likes – Bump cache buster, Don’t show likes for password protected posts
  • Bug Fix: Notifications – Remove a redundant span closing tag
  • Bug Fix: Photon – If an image is already served from Photon but the anchor tag that surrounds it hasn’t had its href value rewritten to use Photon, do so. Accounts for WP galleries whose individual items are linked to the original image files
  • Bug Fix: Publicize – Allows GLOBAL_CAP to be filtered, Adds an AYS to connection deletion, UI improvement for MP6 (and in general)
  • Bug Fix: Sharedaddy – Fire the sharing redirect earlier for increased plugin compatibility
  • Bug Fix: Stats – Move the display:none CSS output to wp_head so it gets written inside the HEAD tag if the option to hide the stats smilie is active
  • Bug Fix: Tiled Galleries – A more descriptive name for the default gallery type
  • Bug Fix: Tiled Galleries – Hide the Columns setting for gallery types that don’t support it
  • Bug Fix: Run the admin_menu action late so that plugins hooking into it get a chance to run
  • Bug Fix: Prophylactic strict equality check