Blubrry PowerPress 4.0.7

Blubrry PowerPress was updated to version 4.0.7, from version 4.0.6. Changelog:

  • Released on 2/14/2013
  • The 1 Pixel Out player is back! Learn More
  • Added new define option POWERPRESS_READ_TEXT to customize the ‘Read’ label for pdf/epub books.
  • Player logic updated to display specific PDF/ePub images with links to the files.
  • PDF image from Hybrid Design.
  • ePub image from ThreePress.
  • Calls to wp_remote_head now set to use HTTP 1.1 protocol (WordPress defaults to HTTP 1.0 for what ever reason. Thanks vinull for your bug fix!)
  • Added support for Kindle Fire in the list of detected mobile HTML5 players. (Thanks Chris Bockay for bringing to our attention and helpnig us diagnose!)
  • Added logic to not include header javascript in theme’s if the Media Apperance option “Disable PowerPress Media Players and Links” is disabled.
  • Added logic to fix the play in new window and embed links if Joost de Valk’s Google Analytics for WordPress plugin has “Track outbound clicks & downloads” enabled.
  • Added logic to the getid3 library to use the WordPress temp folder path rather than use the system detected path. This should fix the verify problems a small portion of folks have when the /tmp folder not being writable.