Jetpack by 2.1.2

Jetpack by was updated to version 2.1.2, from version 2.1.1. Changelog:

  • Enhancement: Infinite Scroll: Introduce filters for Infinite Scroll.
  • Enhancement: Shortcodes: TED shortcode.
  • Bug Fix: Carousel: Make sure to use large image sizes.
  • Bug Fix: Carousel: Clicking the back button in your browser after exiting a carousel gallery brings you back to the gallery.
  • Bug Fix: Carousel: Fix a scrollbar issue.
  • Bug Fix: Comments: Move the get_avatar() function out of the base class.
  • Bug Fix: Contact Form: Prevent the form from displaying i18n characters.
  • Bug Fix: Contact Form: Remove the !important CSS rule.
  • Bug Fix: Infinite Scroll: Main query arguments are not respected when using default permalink.
  • Bug Fix: JSON API: Trap ‘wp_die’ for new comments and image uploads.
  • Bug Fix: JSON API: Use a better array key for the user_ID.
  • Bug Fix: JSON API: Make the class instantiable only once, but multi-use.
  • Bug Fix: JSON API: Fix lookup of pages by page slug.
  • Bug Fix: JSON API: Updates for post likes.
  • Bug Fix: Mobile Theme: Remove Android download link for BB10 and Playbook.
  • Bug Fix: Open Graph: Stop using Loop functions to get post data for meta tags.
  • Bug Fix: Photon: Suppress and check for warnings when pasing_url and using it.
  • Bug Fix: Photon: Ensure full image size can be used.
  • Bug Fix: Photon: Resolve Photon / YouTube embed conflict.
  • Bug Fix: Photon: Fix dimension parsing from URLs.
  • Bug Fix: Photon: Make sure that width/height atts are greater than zero.
  • Bug Fix: Sharedaddy: Layout fixes for share buttons.
  • Bug Fix: Sharedaddy: Always send Facebook a language locale.
  • Bug Fix: Sharedaddy: Don’t look up share counts for empty URLs.
  • Bug Fix: Shortcodes: Ensure that images don’t overflow their containers in the slideshow shortcode.
  • Bug Fix: Shortcodes: only enqueue jquery if archive supports Infinite Scroll in the Audio Shortcode.
  • Bug Fix: Tiled Galleries: Use a more specific class for gallery item size to avoid conflicts.
  • Bug Fix: Tiled Galleries: Fixing scrolling issue when tapping on a Tiled Gallery on Android.
  • Bug Fix: Widgets: Gravatar profile widget typo.
  • Bug Fix: Widgets: Add (Jetpack) to widget titles.
  • Bug Fix: Widgets: Twitter wasn’t wrapping links in the shortener.
  • Bug Fix: Widgets: Facebook Likebox updates to handling the language locale.
  • Bug Fix: Widgets: Top Posts: Fixed a WP_DEBUG notice.
  • Bug Fix: Widgets: Gravatar Profile Widget: transient names must be less than 45 characters long.
  • Bug Fix: typo in delete_post_action function.
  • Bug Fix: Load rendered LaTeX image on same protocol as its page.